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Idle Hands

Idle Hands




Hailing from the American state of Oregon, the quartet in Idle Hands offer an original brand of NWOBHM metal. As far as personnel goes, Idle Hands is the successor of the formidable Spellcaster, a band that was very popular in underground circles.

However, Idle Hands takes a different musical approach with a single-minded mix of NWOBHM-inspired heavy metal, goth rock and new wave. Melancholic, psychedelic, catchy, at times even poppy or acoustic, but also raw and dark, with the very emotional vocals of Gabriel Franco draped over the whole like a warm blanket. Idle Hands combines beauty and tragedy into a heavy-hearted yet invigorating whole. If your black heart beats for Tribulation, In Solitude or ‘One Second’-era Paradise Lost then you may well find yourself sowing another patch onto your jacket. If last year’s ‘Mana’ had been released on a bigger label odds are it would have garnered more attention and appeared on many an end-of-year list. In other words, their modest German underground label Eisenwald has got its work cut out for it but with Idle Hands they have a band with huge potential in their portfolio.