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Out Of The Cellar


What do rock ‘n’ roll on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and the 80s have in common? Generous make-up, skin-tight spandex, tons of hairspray and guys that looked hotter than any girlfriend you ever had! But there’s more.

Let’s rewind to the early 80s: the New Wave of British Heavy Metal is taking the British Isles and the old continent by storm. Young guns Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Saxon are laying siege to the throne of veteran bands like Scorpions, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Rainbow. The older bands shift their focus to the New World because the US is the promised land: more hooks, fewer notes and a much bigger focus on image. Bands are drawn to LA because something is fermenting there... and they’re right. Hair metal is all the rage and KISS abandon their make-up and key into the hair metal craze with ‘Lick It Up’. Like Mötley Crüe with ‘Shout at the Devil’, they are greeted with open arms by music channel MTV because in the mid-80s hair metal is on everyone’s musical menu. Amid the deluge of new releases, RATT’s full-length debut ‘Out of the Cellar’ (1984) is a smash hit, thanks in part to the popular glam anthem ‘Round and Round’. The record sells 3 million copies in the US alone and just one year later the masterpiece ‘Invasion of Your Privacy’ cements RATT’s status at the top of the hair metal pyramid with another two million units sold. RATT’s popularity soars thanks to a tour with Poison and they even steamroll New York’s Madison Square Garden. In Europe they play the 1987 edition of Monsters of Rock with Deep Purple, Dio and Metallica. Several more records follow but in 1992 RATT folds. A few reunions and incarnations later they release their first album in a decade with ‘Infestation’ (2010) but by now their focus is on the States. Billing RATT is a first in every sense of the word because this is their first Belgian gig ever. To top it all off, the legendary rockers are planning a new release in 2020....