May 02, 2019

First headlining slot for Avatar

Exclusive LIVE Recording
The third time’s the charm for Avatar. After two previous appearances at Alcatraz, the band around Sweden’s most frightening king is ascending to the next level: Avatar are set to close the infamous Prison Stage on Saturday.

This first major headlining slot has been a long time in the making. Late last year, their gig at Trix, Antwerp, sold out in a hurry and their star is rising in the rest of the world as well. It’s no coincidence that many festival organisers now include Avatar on their headlining shortlists but Alcatraz is proud to be the first to effectively elevate Avatar to this status. As for the king and his cohorts, they’ve promised to pull out all the stops. Under the guiding hand of king Jonas ‘Kungen’ Jarlsby preparations are already underway for what is shaping up to be a memorable occasion and that is exactly what we had in mind! Two wing sections will be added to what is already an impressive main stage and the band themselves are putting together a unique visual spectacle. Avatar are synonymous with theatre and showmanship, not in the least thanks to their ringleader Johannes Eckerström, who has developed into an eye-catching character. But wait, there’s more! We thought it only fitting to record this magical event for posterity so in consultation with Avatar we’ve decided to record their 90-minute set. Pyrotechnics, a fabulous light show… no effort is being spared to turn Saturday night 10 August into an evening you’ll never forget. The King Wants You!!