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The Answer

Alcatraz Line up: 2016

It is no evidence to be successful with a debut album, though it happened to The Answer in 2006. This Northern Irish quartet has been on tour with AC/DC but it didn’t stop after that. Also other bands noticed the qualities of this fine company, which is not innovative but their honesty in music prevails. No wonder the band toured with Deep Purple, The Who, Rolling Stones, Paul Rodgers and Whitesnake. And we reveal it was David Coverdale himself who asked us to add The Answer to our line-up. Now we are working on the namedropping, also Jimmy Page who saw the band several times was lyrical. Anyway, The Answer will provide some raw rock-‘n-roll or as vocalist Cormac Neeson himself puts it: The Answer involves always authenticity. We are who we are and are making the music we have been passionate about. Though we think it’s still important to add something new and not to sound exactly like Led Zeppelin or some classic rock band from the 70s or 80s.