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Depressive Age

Alcatraz Line up: 2023

In the first half of the 90s the German band Depressive Age made a lasting impression with a unique brand of thrash metal with clean vocals. The albums ‘First Depression’ (1992) and ‘Lying in Wait’ (1993) are a staple in the collection of any self-respecting technical thrash fan. On ‘Symbols for Blue Times’ (1994) and ‘Electric Scum (1996) they gravitated more towards alternative metal but those albums were less successful. Despite a name change to D-Age in 1997 they disbanded four years later. In 2003 they rebooted briefly with singer Jan Lubitzki as the only founding member but that project died a silent death. Then in August 2022 they released a statement that Depressive Age would rise from its ashes in 2023 with co-founder Jochen Klemp in addition to Lubitzki, and that a new album was in the works. We’re very much looking forward to this remarkable resurrection!