August 13/14/15 2021 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 13/14/15




Transcend The Rubicon



British death metal peddlers Benediction were one of the most popular bands on the death metal scene in the early 90s. Classic albums such as ‘Subconscious Terror’, ‘The Grand Leveller’ and the landmark album ‘Transcend the Rubicon’ firmly inscribe their name in the death metal history books and their excellent live reputation has them crossing the channel on a regular basis.

Imposing frontman Dave Ingram leaves in 1998 and Benediction never fully recovers. ‘Organised Chaos’ (2001) is followed by a seven-year recording hiatus and ‘Killling Music’ (2008) aptly turns out to be their last CD to date. Then in 2019 Dave Ingram rejoins and the first shows in the familiar line-up immediately revive the old chemistry and drive. Live mainstays as ‘Vision in the Shroud’, ‘Nightfear’ and ‘Jumping at Shadows’ will lay waste to our prison grounds and with a new album scheduled for a spring 2020 release, things are looking up for these English death metal legends.