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Alcatraz Line up: 2019

There’s been an influx of excellent South American bands over the last few years and unsurprisingly Brazil has proven particularly fertile metal ground. Nervosa are at the forefront of what is becoming known as the NWOBHM – with the capital ‘b’ standing for ‘Brazilian’ in this case. Formed in 2010, this all-female thrash trio made a big splash with their full-length debut ‘Victim of Yourself’ (2014) but it was their sophomore outing ‘Agony’ (2016) with its improved production, compostions and instrumental prowess that really made the pundits take note. Not only do they know how to thrash it up with Slayer-worthy riffs, they also set themselves apart through the clever use of prog passages and the occasional whiff of death metal. Pitchu Ferraz is the octopus behind the drum kit and she doesn’t hold back, knowing exactly when to put the hammer down and when to throw in some clever filler. Guitarist Prika Amaral’s riffs and solos are as impressive as anything out there and bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira oozes piss and vinegar, leading the charge with a catchy Petrozza/Cavalera-esque accented delivery that seems to come from the fiery depths of hell itself. On their latest release ‘Downfall of Mankind’ (2018) more death metal influences have seeped into their songwriting and that adds more variety to their catalogue as a whole. If Brazilian and German thrash gets you off then Nervosa are a must-see.