9/10/11 Août 2024 | Courtrai - BE 9/10/11 Août

Schirenc plays pungent stench

Alcatraz Line up: 2023

This name will definitely ring a bell. Due to a dispute over band name rights, the former head honcho is forced to operate under this odd moniker but that is just a footnote. In essence this is the continuation of Pungent Stench for which Schirenc recruited a new line-up. The result is the same: tar-caked deathgrind with crunchy guitar work and rancid grunts. Pungent Stench had their heyday in the early and mid-90s thanks to a singular brand of death metal infused with groovy rock and even blues. Pungent Stench were much talked about due to their controversial album covers and – at the time – outrageous lyrics centred around gore, paraphilia & black comedy. This is the perfect opportunity to catch this amazing band so be there!