11/12/13 Août 2022 | Courtrai - BE 11/12/13 Août

low impact

Festivals have a major impact on our environment. Think of the visitor transport, Energy generation using diesel generators and the mountains of waste that are left behind on the festival meadow and on the campsite. Did you know that an average festival visitor leaves behind 2 kg of waste?

Alcatraz wants to reduce the impact of three days of great music and a lot of fun as much as possible and is taking concrete steps towards a more sustainable festival. The organization is confident that the loyal Alcatraz public is climate-conscious and wants to be part of a movement. Without fluffy language, but with concrete, positive actions. The efforts of many partners and the festivalgoer themselves can make a big difference.

New this year: Not throwing cups on the floor equals cheaper beer

Cups, PET bottles and cans will be collected optimally and selectively in this edition. Visitors will receive an ECO-coin at the start of the festival. This can be used to order a drink at the normal price. When ordering a next drink, an empty cup can be returned to the bartender, and a new drink can be bought at the standard price. If a cup is lost or not returned, half a token will be charged extra. If you do not want to drink for a while, the cup can be exchanged for an ECO-coin. At the end of the festival day, visitors can exchange the last cup/ECO coin for a unique Alcatraz reward.

eco coins

As a result, Alcatraz expects to keep more than 400,000 cups out of residual waste and will recycle them in collaboration with waste partners. Other waste that remains after the festival is also optimally sorted and recycled.

Initiatives on the campsite

We advise everyone to take care of their belongings and to take tents and other camping equipment back home. However, as every year at the campsite, a place is provided to donate items that are not taken home, namely the donation pit. The donated items will be given away after the festival to CAW zuid-west-Vlaanderen. Tents that are left behind are collected and transformed into bicycle costumes, beach-wapper objects, … for children, by the organization “uniekstuk”.

Last but not least, if you sort and collect your waste at the campsite, you can get a free cup of coffee for every full garbage bag.

Measuring is knowing

This step is the first of many steps. 2022 will be the year to measure, analyze and thus form a clearer picture of which issues have the greatest impact and how they can be tackled. This will then lead to a step-by-step approach to move towards a sustainable festival in the coming years.

It starts now

The first steps are being taken together with partners to make sustainable choices now. Small, sometimes simple decisions already have a serious impact in this edition:

  • The aim is to consume less energy and to generate it locally & green. Some of the generators will be equipped with battery packs and PV-installation where possible.
  • More vegetarian and local food will significantly reduce the food footprint this year. Food leftovers are avoided or distributed to local organizations.
  • Research is being conducted into how transport by car can be reduced and more festivalgoers can get to the meadow by train, bus, bicycle or carpool.
  • In addition to cups, other waste that remains on the meadow or on the campsite is also optimally sorted.