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After All

After All





sunday | 11h20-12h00 | prison



For over three decades, After All have been flying the flag for Belgian speed/thrash metal. Never one to cater to trends, the prolific Bruges-based band dropped two contemporary Belgian metal classics with ‘Dawn of the Enforcer’ (2012) and ‘Waves of Annihilation’ (2016), earning them the label of ‘Europe’s best ever speed metal band’.

Since the late 80s, guitarists/founders Dries Van Damme and Christophe Depree have been the driving forces behind the music and although every album has its own sound and feel, they all share the same spirit: heartfelt, energetic and melodic metal with standout vocals. Relentless touring all across Europe has seen them share the stage with heavyweights such as Overkill, King Diamond, Testament, Queensryche, Obituary, Anthrax and Judas Priest. They have hundreds of club shows under their belt as well as appearances at major festivals. After more than thirty years they now boast their best line-up ever. Bassist Frederik Vanmassenhove and drummer Bert Guillemont have added a generous dose of melody and intensity to the mix, underscoring their status as one of Belgium’s leading metal bands.