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Children of Bodom

Alcatraz Line up: 2016

Briefly said, the history of Children Of Bodom is a solid success story. When 5 teenagers are stabbing heads together to bring some light in the long cold Finnish winters, this will be the basis for their first album “Something Wild” (1997), a record that was successful instantly. Now, twenty years later, hard work has more than ever ensured Children Of Bodom to become one of the standard bearers in the genre. Not in the least affected by front man Alexi Laiho, who is often looking up his borders (not only musically). Not everybody likes this band, but this is well scaled out by an enormous legion of loyal fans who would go through fire for their heroes. We were surprised when Lamb Of God stepped out of the recent European tour with Children Of Bodom due to terror threat, but Laiho and his men decided to continue the tour. Everybody acts as they wish, but this proves Children Of Bodom let no one or nothing discourage them and that’s exactly the attitude we like.