August 13/14/15 2021 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 13/14/15

Growing Horns

Growing Horns


The Nobility Of Pain


Growing Horns

Pounding drums, booming bass and blasphemous guitars, that’s Growing Horns in a nutshell. The Belgian quintet unhesitatingly call themselves bastards and who are we to disagree? Musically they have a penchant for slow, low and – more than anything else – heavy.

A doom metal band then? Nope, because the band’s stoner-infested sludge/doom is so much more than that. Although doom metal is the backbone of the tracks welded by Wim Vekeman (bass), Didier Cottenies (guitar), Sven Caes (guitar) and Simon Vandoom (drums), their FB page aptly describes their music as “an unholy collision of the hulking low-end riff mastery of Crowbar, the bullish tarmac-tearing of Goatsnake and the swampland sludge of Down”. Iron throat Dafus Demon does his name justice, roaming the stage like an incubus while unleashing his innermost demons upon the hapless crowd - healing hurts but pain can also be cathartic, as illustrated by the title of their debut EP ‘The Nobility of Pain’ (2019).