August 07/08/09 2020 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 07/08/09




Realm Of Instability


Huracan is the Mayan god of wind, storm and fire, who was held captive in a temple. In our modern day and age, this ancient deity has reincarnated in the guise of a four-headed beast that’s been tearing the Flemish underground scene to shreds for several years now.

Much-vaunted appearances at Dunk! Festival and Roadkill helped put them on the map. Trust us when we say these guys are a tough act to follow – how else do you end up at Monster Magnet’s after show? Both their self-titled debut Huracan (2015) and the 2017 EP ‘Realm of Instability’ met with rave reviews so expectations are high for their 2020 sophomore full-length. Pure madness or genius, virtuosity or schizophrenia or all of the above? Who knows but there’s little doubt that this hurricane will wreak havoc on Kortrijk so consider yourselves warned!