August 11/12/13 2023 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 11/12/13

I Am Morbid

Alcatraz Line up: 2017

Also Alcatraz and especially the Belgian fans are the fuss of the recently cancelled tour from the US death metal legend. Meanwhile you heard the reason why the band is not touring. Something with travel documents which are not coming through on time. As expected our mailbox was filled with offers from different bands who were available. However, we didn’t want to capture the first one but were looking for an alternative and worthwhile alternative. There was a small chance when we contacted I Am Morbid – the version of Morbid Angel with singer/bass player David Vincent – with the question of replacement, because the band just flew back home after their European tour. It was a great surprise when the gentlemen agreed for an exclusive trip to Belgium just to play Alcatraz festival! We promised our visitors Morbid Angel and we will not get any closer than I Am Morbid who will perform songs from the first four albums from Morbid Angel. Over the past few months many discussions have been written about who or what is now the true version of Morbid Angel, and you know what…we just don’t care as long as they give us a blast in The Swamp with the best they have to offer. Vincent will bring Tim Yeung (also ex Morbid Angel) along on the drums and also Ira Black will make his return to Alcatraz. Black is no stranger to the organization because he previously played our stage with Where Angels Suffer (2011). However, the performance from I Am Morbid is one that we look forward to with high expectations.