August 13/14/15 2021 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 13/14/15

My Diligence

My Diligence


Sun Rose


My Diligence

The recipe: take a pinch of Queens of the Stone Age, At the Drive-In, Wolfmother and Clutch. Add a whiff of Royal Blood, chuck the whole thing into the blender, push the button and lo and behold: a delicious rock ‘n’ roll cocktail.

The Brussels quartet My Diligence traded in their bassist for a (Moog) keyboardist and in 2019 surprised friend and foe with a sophomore album that pushes musical boundaries. The tightening fist that grabs the listener by the gonads from the very first track doesn’t let up until the final note has died down. If Marcella Di Troia and her Black Mirrors were one of last year’s revelations, their fellow Brussels residents from My Diligence are one this year’s main contenders for that title. Regardless of whether you’re a metalhead, stoner fan or just an old-fashioned rocker, there’s no holding back at a My Diligence show.