August 11/12/13 2023 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 11/12/13

Sacred Reich

Alcatraz Line up: 2014, 2017, 2019

As one of the most popular bands from the second wave of thrash that swept across the globe in the late 80s, the importance of Sacred Reich is not to be underestimated. Starting out under the wings of Gloria Cavalera, the cheerful gang from Phoenix, Arizona, soon made a name for themselves. They split in 2000 only to reform 6 years later and although they’ve toured on a regular basis since, no new material was forthcoming... until now. A full 23 years after their last album to date - 1996’s ‘Heal’ - they’ve finally announced that a new album is set to drop in the summer of 2019. We can’t help but wonder what the new album will sound like: should we expect a throwback to the speed devil attack of ‘Ignorance’ (1987) and ‘Surf Nicaragua’ (1988)? Or will they favour the grooving mid-tempo thrash of ‘The American Way’ (1990) and ‘Independent’ (1993)? One thing’s for sure: with all that’s going on in the US and around the world today, singer/bassist Phil Rind’s socio-critical and anti-political lyrics will once again prove an added value. No replacement has been found yet for drummer Greg Hall so it’ll be interesting to see who takes up stick duties on the new disc. Between the new stuff and classics like ‘The American Way’, ‘Death Squad’, ‘Surf Nicaragua’, ‘Who’s to Blame’, the inevitable ‘War Pigs’, ‘Ignorance’ and ‘Love… Hate’, this should be finger-licking good!