August 07/08/09 2020 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 07/08/09






Saille is one of those homegrown bands that do us proud. This black metal band uses both classical and the usual black metal instruments and the vocals range from black screams to death growls and clean singing.

The band name is derived from the fourth letter of the early Irish alphabet Ogham and means ‘willow’. Symphonic black metal is not the most popular metal genre in these parts but Saille may change all that. What started out as a side project with members from various black and death metal outfits quickly developed into a full-fledged band. In 2011 their first full CD ‘Irreversible Decay’ won Metal Storm’s award for best melodic black metal album and a busy gig schedule enabled them to carve out an excellent live reputation in no time flat. ‘Gnosis’ (2017) sees Saille taking things up a notch by combining the speed of ‘Eldritch’ (2014) and the intensity of ‘Ritu’ (2013), which they will also bring to the Alcatraz stage this summer.