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Alcatraz Line up: 2018

Not only has Iceland lately become a popular tourist destination, the land of ice and fire has also spawned a number of talented metal bands in recent years. The progenitors of this blossoming metal scene are Sólstafir, a quartet that originally struck out to conquer the world with unadulterated Viking metal but drifted into more atmospheric waters as their career progressed. Both unforgiving and breathtakingly beautiful, the contrast between the impenetrable volcanic landscape and the glaciers is reflected in Sólstafir’s music: one minute you’re headbanging your head off and just moments later, whispered lyrics, violins and a stunning piano line raise the hairs at the back of your neck. Their most recent album ‘Berdreyminn’ was voted into Rock Tribune’s top ten for a reason so if you’re into post metal with a psychedelic twist you’ll have a ball with Sólstafir!