August 9/10/11 2024 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 9/10/11

The Ocean

The Ocean

Post Metal




Friday 21h00-22h00 helldorado



The Ocean is hard to pigeonhole. For over twenty years, their mix of progressive rock, post-metal, sludge and avant-garde has set them apart from the rest of the metal scene.

Founded in 2000 by guitarist/songwriter Robin Staps, the band was characterised for many years by a high personnel turnover. Originally established as a purely instrumental collective with the occasional guest singer, they eventually did recruit a vocalist. While critics felt this was a step backwards in terms of originality and innovation, the band claimed some reviewers simply couldn’t handle the brutality that the anti-Christian and anti-theistic vocals had added to the sound. The Ocean are generous with their criticism of organised religions, both the Catholic and Protestant faith are frequently blasted. The band is also known as The Ocean Collective because they add musicians whenever necessary. For instance, ‘Collective Oblivion’, the DVD box that documents their ‘Pelagial’ tour, contains footage of the band performing the ‘Heliocentric’ album with an 11-strong line-up. Their music requires an effort but it’s always interesting. Their most recent album, ‘Holocene’ (2023) features their most varied and adventurous music yet.