August 9/10/11 2024 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 9/10/11



Progressive Metal




sunday | 14h35-15h20 | morgue



In 2016 guitarists Dario Frodo and Tom Tee teamed up with bassist Stripe and recruited dyed-in-the-wool drummer Louis Van der Linden and top vocalist David Marcelis (Lord Vulture, Black Knight) to form Thorium.

Their eponymous maiden album met with a favourable critical reception and they embarked on a series of gigs in Belgium and abroad, sharing the stage with, amongst others, Geoff Tate, Ross the Boss, Q5 and Heir Apparent. Emboldened by this initial success they started work on their sophomore outing ‘Empires in the Sun’, a collection of hard-hitting, classic heavy metal tunes that took the epic feel and songwriting up another notch. Lyrically the album focuses on the notion that all civilisations, no matter how accomplished, ultimately fail to stand the test of time. The band’s strength lies in a combination of seething power, astounding musical prowess and a tightly woven tapestry of influences from different genres, with an emphasis on energy and virtuoso execution. The ever-crucial third album dropped late last year and ‘Extraordinary Journeys Pt. I’ had all the fans and critics raving. It’s an intricate and varied album with singles ‘Bushido’ and ‘Nightfall’ among the standout tracks. Thorium are a must-see if you’re into epic tales crafted by the likes of Iron Maiden, Visigoth, etc.