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Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer

Grindcore / Death Metal




friday | 19h25-20h20 | helldorado



Searing guitars, relentless pounding and a grim reaper roar: American extreme metallers Pig Destroyer test every of sinew, muscle, tendon and bone. Lurid tales that bring to mind repulsive images of pitch black self-hatred while also denouncing the fragile nature of the human condition.

Pig Destroyer formed in 1997 when vocalist J.R. Hayes and guitarist Scott Hull teamed up to concoct super destructive grindcore. Other options that were being considered for the band name were ‘Cop Killer’ and ‘Cop Destroyer’ but those two were a bit obvious so eventually they settled on Pig Destroyer. Back in the day they were more politically inspired but nowadays they say it’s just a band name. ‘Prowler in the Yard’ (2001) proved a seminal album for them but on later albums they abandoned their grindcore beginnings in favour of a doomy, sludge-oriented sound. Never afraid to experiment, they included sludge, noise, samples and electronics over the years. Drastic musical changes resulted from hiring their bassist in 2013. Their most recent album to date, ‘Head Cage’ (2018) is the first to feature a bassist.