August 07/08/09 2020 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 07/08/09




Brutal Destruction


Whenever the topic of conversation turns towards legendary Belgian metal bands from the 80s, Cyclone is always one of the first band names to drop. This infamous thrash metal outfit from Vilvoorde had been around for several years when Roadrunner Records released their renowned full-length debut ‘Brutal Destruction’.

Tracks like ‘Fall under His Command’ and ‘In the Grip of Evil’ and opening slots for Slayer and Metallica make a lasting impression. After the outstanding album ‘Inferior to None’ (1990), Cyclone crumbles apart and the band members go their separate ways. Frontman Guido Gevels and his club Negasonic in Aalst remain household names on the scene. Then one evening during an impromptu jam session with former Cyclone guitarist Stefan, a few old Cyclone songs is all it takes to rekindle the smouldering embers. Alcatraz is proud to host the very first reunion show of these Belgian thrash legends, a show many are looking forward to and that true thrash fans cannot afford to miss!