August 11/12/13 2023 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 11/12/13


Alcatraz Line up: 2019, 2021

Few Swedish death metal bands have stayed the course in the same way Hypocrisy has. Obviously they’ve evolved since their 1992 debut ‘Penetralia’ came out, most notably with more melodic influences, but the brutal core has remained intact all these years. With head honcho Peter Tägtgren focusing on his industrial metal project PAIN, new Hypocrisy releases have been few and far between in recent years. 2013’s ‘End of Disclosure’ is their most recent outing to date and the classic Hypocrisy ingredients are all there: pummelling death metal riffs, melodic lead guitars, furious drumming and lyrics that betray Tägtgren’s obsession with ufology and all things extraterrestrial. The album is also suffused with a compelling atmosphere that makes it one of their best offerings to date. Hypocrisy are primarily a live band, as they illustrated once again on their recent tour with those other death metal legends Kataklysm. Despite his activities as a producer, his involvement in Rammstein singer Till Lindemann’s side project and his work with Pain, Tägtgren has found some time to work on the successor to ‘End of Disclosure’, which will probably be released in the course of 2019.