August 9/10/11 2024 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 9/10/11

Legion of the Damned

Legion of the Damned

Death Metal / Thrash




sunday | 15h50-16h40 | swamp



In 2005, the Dutch death thrash/death combo Legion of the Damned rose from the ashes of defunct black metal band Occult, a restart they have never regretted.

They tweaked their approach and under the new band name all their hard work finally started to pay off, spawning such genre classics as ‘Malevolent Rapture’ (2006) and ‘Sons of the Jackal’ (2007). Thanks to a series of excellent records and a stellar live reputation they are one of the leading bands on the European thrash scene. Their brand of thrash has black and death metal undercurrents whereas figurehead and vocalist Maurice Swinkels’s snarls and barks contribute to the music’s overall ferocity; lyrically they like to focus on religious topics and apocalyptic events. Check out their killer album ‘The Poison Chalice’ (2023) featurings a seasoned band that has lost none of its chops, passion or energy.