August 07/08/09 2020 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 07/08/09






Is the West Flemish polder landscape the ideal breeding ground for instrumental rock and metal, doused in a 70s sauce? If so, it’s fair to say the guys from Motsus are the local flagbearers.

Their mix of heavy stoner riffs, contemporary sludge metal and old school hard rock is extremely infectious. Motsus’ sound is raw, ominous and dark. The trio from Oudenburg, a mere stone’s throw from Ostend, have been forging a single-minded path for many years in true DIY fashion: step by step. Incidentally, did you know that guitarist Tom Maene, label chief at PolderRecords (home to Cowboys & Aliens, Von Detta, Wheel of Smoke, etc.), is the godfather of the flourishing Flemish stoner family? Their concept album and full-length debut ‘Oumuamua’ was met with rave reviews and deservedly so. Motsus is like a runaway freight train: unrelenting and heavy as fuck so brace for impact!