August 11/12/13 2023 | Kortrijk - BE Aug 11/12/13


Alcatraz Line up: 2019

With Unleashed we are pleased to announce the first appearance of one the Big Four of Swedish death metal inside our prison walls. Frontman Johnny Hedlund formed Unleashed in 1989 after being ejected from his previous band Nihilist. Thanks to ‘Where No Life Dwells (1991), ‘Shadows in the Deep (1992) and ‘Across the Open Sea’ (1993), Unleashed firmly inscribed Sweden on the world death metal map and together with their countrymen Entombed, Dismember and Grave they were the driving force behind the legendary Stockholm death metal scene. Some would argue that the constant quality of their catalogue makes them the absolute ringleaders of the genre, especially since they’ve always refused to compromise their integrity by catering to the flavour of the day. ‘The Hunt for White Christ’ is a perfect case in point with the kind of mid-tempo stompers, hearty stick work and intelligible, guttural vocals that have made them so popular. Thanks to an excellent production the solos are one of the standout features on the new full-length, as well as several tracks that can stand the comparison with classics such as ‘To Asgard We Fly’. Yet another highly anticipated Alcatraz debut!